I Am A Mediocre Mom

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I am a mediocre mom. I figure if I just claim my mediocrity. It takes the pressure off.

My daughter graduated from high school this week. Talk about pressure and hard work for these youngsters. Getting them ready for the real world they say. Stress and competition and the main goal- good academic grades.

I am a mediocre mom because I support my girls in the B’s and much as the A’s. I support them in the C’s if that is where they are right now and I let them know I love them just as much. There were 64 graduates this year and not one is better than another. All of them have a calling and a beauty inside and out. It may not be getting A’s and top scores. It may be in their heart. In the way they help people or animals or saving our planet. I say we need to celebrate all of these young adults and encourage them to find their own unique voice. Guide them in trusting their instincts and heart. Academics is important but it is not the only score to our value. I wish for them to love themselves as deeply as they deserve. They are our future and they are complete.

How arrogant would I be if I assumed I knew what success meant for Emma when I come from a different generation? These young adults have a future nothing like mine so how can I judge? Let us encourage them to find the voice that is unique to them. We have much to learn from their wisdom. Our lives develop in layers and we cannot become who we are by eliminating any one layer. No regrets. No shame. No Blame.

I was sitting in the bleachers with some good friends. It was hot and I was thirsty so I asked a friend to bring water. The only container he could find was a flask. Roche harbor water in a flask at high school graduation. I laughed out loud. So, like I said I am a mediocre mom. I have not been involved in the graduation events and have-not participated in the volunteer opportunities. I am not on the PTA, or any of the other TA’s. I am a mediocre mom so drinking out of a flask may come across as appropriate.

I am a mediocre mom and once in a blue moon, maybe on a full moon, I will crack open a bottle of nice wine. Go in the hot tub with my daughter and talk about boys and love, life, sex, politics and the future. We will be honest and tell each other secrets. We dig deep into the recesses that will guide my girl in her future. I am so incredibly proud of my daughters and in awe of all three for who they are. I hope all of the perfect moms as well as the mediocre ones tell their daughters and sons that they are superb just the way they are.

I encourage you to celebrate with your children. If it is with C’s or A’s or B’s because that is where they are right now. Love them as much for the D as the A.

It is all worth it. Join me in my mediocrity and accept and love these young men and women no matter what and just the way they are.


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