New Paintings!!!! Art Show Friday-Saturday

New Paintings!!!! Art Show Friday-Saturday

Come see my new work this coming Friday and Saturday. September 13-14, 11am-8pm
Refreshments and music 6-8pm
Art Over The Harbor Group Show       Grange Hall  – Friday Harbor

I’ve been getting a lot of new work done. Some big paintings – 4 feet X 4 feet and small 12X16’s. Please come say hi!! I’d love to see you.

DIY – Light Your Paintings Yourself

DIY – Light Your Paintings Yourself

Light Your Paintings Without Calling an Electrician

You just bought a beautiful piece of art and brought it home. The light just isn’t right, and it doesn’t look as good as it did in the gallery. You do a little research and understand you SHOULD have installed track lighting when you built your house. I agree having track lighting with LED’s may be ideal. But, it’s a little late now.

I have a very inexpensive solution. There are slim line picture lights starting at about $18, that you can get online. One that I like is Rite Lite.

I found this Rite Lite on Amazon and Walmart and also on Home Depot .
It comes in Black, Gold and Silver. It has a remote control for on, off and it is dimmable. All this for only $22!

DIY Lighting for Artwork

There are plenty of options for battery powered LED lights that you can easily install above your paintings. They require batteries but remember, they are not going to be on all the time and LED’s last for a long time. Best of all, they don’t get hot. These lights are easy to install and may be just the right solution for featuring your artwork.

-Adjust the angle to minimize glare as needed.
-Don’t overdue the brightness.
The light should not be more than 30% brighter than the rest of the room.

Hope this helps take the pain out of lighting your artwork.

You are invited . . .

You are invited . . .

Today I am writing to let you know that my work will be on display at the San Juan Island Museum of Art (SJIMA) February 14, 4 – 8 pm.
Admission is FREE. Enjoy refreshments and music too.

Valentine’s Day and 4th Anniversary


The event is on Valentine’s Day and is also the 4th anniversary of SJIMA and the artists in this building.

I think we all know that a photo of a painting can never do it justice. My painting has a texture that really needs to be seen in person. The other works should be seen in person too.  I think you will be impressed with what is on display.

There are 70 – plus artists in the registry. You will be viewing my work, plus sculpture, oil, watercolor, pastels and acrylic painting, jewelry, glass, mixed media, etchings, block prints, photography and more. It is a dazzling range of media.

I look forward to seeing you,

Teresa Smith



Painting Lavender And A Festival

Painting Lavender And A Festival

I am painting lavender these days and it sure smells good.

I am a full time contemporary oil painter. I paint the island. I paint the trees, the bushes, the grasses and the rocks. I paint the distant mountains and islands, forests and sky. I paint the Salish Sea. And I paint lavender.

An artist has an intimate relationship with his or her world. Once a person has painted a tree they see all trees in a new light. “Look at all those colors that I never saw before”, I hear a student say after their first lesson.  So is it that I love lavender so much that I MUST paint it, or do I paint it and so I love it even more?. Good question.

We see things, as artists, or should I say notice, examine, ponder. Looking at a gorgeous field of lavender has me stopping in my tracks, looking at the colors subtly imbedded, and then thinking “is that magenta mixed with a little thalo?  Yes, and the smallest smidge of cadmium orange. Look how light that water is next to the deepest purple. Next thought is “I am going to paint that.”

July 21-22 I will be at Pelindaba Lavender Farm in a white tent showing off my brand-new lavender paintings. I will be surrounded by the intoxicating aroma wafting in from the fields. It reminds me of a few drops of lavender essential oil sprinkled on my babies’ pillow, salve that I made from oil and coconut butter for cuts and scrapes. It reminds me of summer and good friends. It reminds me of the island and stiped fields of magenta, rose, ultramarine and cobalt blue.





Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far.

I have been super busy with some amazing stuff. Always lots of time in the studio. Working on my new website. Very exciting. More time on Facebook and Instagram.

Other busy fabulous things are working on my garden and taking Griffin, my dog, out to see the horses at Plum Pond.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who came to see me at my studio during the tour this year. It was wonderful to see you all. I had so much fun visiting with you and meeting some awesome new folks.

Just wanted to let you know, with the help of Tif and Gif, our local website wizards, I have transformed my website. It even has a shopping cart. Whoa!!
Take a look and let me know what you think.

Also, I have paintings hanging at Cynthia’s Restaurant in Friday Harbor and they will be there until after Labor Day. I will be dong a reception on but not sure of the date yet. Will let you know.

I will also be at the Lavender Festival on July 21-22 at Pelidaba Farm here on San Juan Island. Should be a blast and smell good too. Mark your calendar. Lots of new small paintings for that.

Take some time to smell the flowers and I will check in again soon.