My feet have finally warmed up.

Boy that studio was cold this winter. Is it just me, or is 29 degrees too cold for paint to flow? That was the day I moved my easel into the living room.

Then, as quickly as it got cold, it warmed up. I went from needing my North Face double- down Arctic -ready long coat to to a hoodie. Guess what? When the North Face went in the closet my time in the studio quadrupled. Who knew?

I often get together with fellow artists. We chide how people think we have such a glorious time; wander into our luxurious studio, play around in our unending inspiration, while listening to classical music. Sales are coming in as fast as we can make more work.

This is my fantasy too. In reality, there are disappointments, long hours with cold feet and thoughts of having lost my touch. Through all the feelings and emotions, wins and disappointments, I keep showing up. Sometimes the eagerness and inspiration are there, but more often, I stand in front of my easel, turn on my audible psychological thriller and paint. It is my job. It is the showing up that makes the difference. It doesn’t seem like things are happening until at the end of the long cold winter, I look back and see paintings that are fresh, colorful and new. And here I am painting better than ever. I have a body of work that I am truly proud of.

One of the things I have been focusing on lately, is surface texture. To see the brushstrokes and the knife marks. I have had to work through some challenges and learn some new things. If I use oil paint as is, straight from the tube it NEVER dries. Well maybe in a few months. So, then it is finding the right medium. There are gels and pastes and waxes. Lots of experimentation and time online researching. Books bought and more research. My favorite so far, is cold wax medium. I like the matte finish and the translucent quality. Dries faster than straight oil paint and does what I want it to do.

There are a few things coming up. Museo Gallery has a Garden Show going on until April 28th. I will be there with a couple of my new lagoon paintings.

I have joined with some of the island artists and will be showing my work at Friday Harbor Atelier, corner of Spring and Argyle. We will be open second and fourth Saturdays. 10-1pm. Starting May 11th. Come and see my new stuff.

The Studio Tour this year will be better than ever. June 1-2. Lots of new work.

My paintings will be on display at Cynthia’s Restaurant in July and August.

The Art Over The Harbor Show in September 13-14. A group show.

Artist Aisle at Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor for the month of November. A unique series of paintings.

The Community Theater in November with an artist reception.  November 16, 3-5

That’s all for now and Happy Spring!!!!