The year keeps plodding along and so do I…
The days are getting shorter and shorter as we enter the dead of winter. Don’t you love that? Everything goes dormant. I want to go dormant.  Alas, it is completely cozy around the fire.

No matter the goings on in the world, and  blowing cold rain outside, I paint. Every day I pick up a brush. First thing. The days go by and the weeks and then I look at what I have done.
Here is my last few weeks – through the election, the pandemic, planting 110 trees,  and moving my studio into my living room to keep warm.

They say it is the small things you do everyday that make a difference. And so….I do the small things day after day. Here are some small paintings. And some big ones, going into the dead of winter.

Into The Woods

“Into The Woods” oil on canvas 30″x40″ Sold

“Through The Woods” oil on canvas 30″x40″ Available!

“Madrone” oil on board 5″x7″ available!

“By The River” oil on board 6″x8″ available

“American Camp” oil on board 5″x7″ available!

“Little Island” oil on board 5″x7″ available!

For something totally different!! 48″x72″ oil on canvas sold


If you are interested in any of these paintings please email me:
or text 303-246-3208

Thank you!!