Art Consultant


Art and Design Consultation with landscape artist Teresa SmithMs. Smith offers expert advice on fine art purchases and placement. She has been in business for over 30 years. She works with projects for the home, and for public spaces. Her expert advice can make the difference between a good project, and an eye-popping, award-winning project.

Fine art is an integral part of an interior design. It intimately influences the atmosphere of a space. Using just the right piece of art in that space is Teresa Smith’s forte.

As an artist, and consultant, she will work with you from the beginning of an art piece project, discussing the concept and aesthetics of a projected room or space. She can then create the perfect color, texture, feeling, and size of artwork just for that space or room.

Personal service and passion for art

When a designer, architect or home owner comes to her for expert art advice, Ms. Smith will

  • Observe the wall spaces, colors and views
  • Take note of the yard the surroundings
  •  Find out if there is a mood or feeling you wish to create
  • Is there a theme you are going for
  • What artwork have you seen that you thought you might want in that space
  • What is the budget for this project