About Commissioned Artwork by Teresa Smith

  • Would you like a painting that is meaningful and personal just to you?
  • A painting that offers a unique feature of your surroundings?
  • Perhaps a painting that gives a glimpse of the mountain you see from your breakfast window?
  • Or maybe a painting of that maple tree that turns an intense red in the fall?
  • How about a painting of your favorite hike through Jackle’s Lagoon?
  • Is there a painting on my website that you fell in love with, but it is sold?

“Some of my happiest customers are those who own a customized piece of art made just for them”.

How I Start A Commissioned Artwork

  • I will come to your house. Take in your wall spaces, colors and views
  • I will observe your yard and your surroundings
  • We will talk about my paintings, and what you like about them,
    That way I can understand the style you love
  • We will discuss what size you would like

The Artwork Itself

  • Using the above information, I will begin your personalized painting
  • I can add say, an Adirondack chair, or a hammock or a gate
  • Since I am primarily a Landscape Artist, I do not do portrait or architectural work
  • I will paint two similar paintings.   Choose which one you prefer.

I make my own canvases out of the finest material. I have a good deal of leeway when it comes to custom sizes. I prefer stretching my own canvases because this is where my relationship to the artwork begins. Me and the work.

The wood stretcher bars, and the canvases are by Jack Richeson and Company. I use 100% cotton medium texture canvas. The oil paints are of the best quality available and will not fade. Mediums are also high quality and nontoxic. Lavender oil is one of my most trusted ingredients. All of the materials are archival and promise to last for generations.

I look forward to painting something ‘just for you’.

Teresa Smith

For pricing information contact me at 303-246-3208 or

Please remember that colors on your monitor may vary slightly from the actual artwork.

How long does a commission art work take

Teresa can generally promise a work in about four weeks. Of course, there are times when her work load is heavier and it may take longer. Teresa will, of course, keep you informed.

As progress is made on your commissioned painting, Teresa will email a photo of how it is coming along. That way, you will see if the art work is developing the direction you intended. You will find Teresa easy to work with.

Payment for commissioned art work

A 20% non-refundable down payment is required for all commissioned paintings. Balance is due prior to shipping the artwork. (Shipping is not included in the price) If for some reason you should decide not to take the painting, it will be offered to the general public at the remainder of the commissioned price. To date, NO ONE has ever turned down their commissioned painting.

Copyrights and Commissioned Art Work

Artists retain the copyright to all of their artwork. Teresa Smith, as the artist, retains the copyright to all of her work, including commissioned artwork. Ms. Smith has the sole right to make copies and prints of her commissioned work. For an additional fee, these copyrights may be purchased.

Client’s Comments Who Have Commissioned Artwork from Teresa Smith

“Don and I love our painting!  Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, it is also a personal piece of art. Because Teresa was very open to suggestions to make a change here or an addition there, we feel like we were part of the process to create “our” painting!” Debbie and Don Pigmen San Juan Island (Lagoon 6)

“I fell in love with Teresa’s style of painting landscapes and use of colors after a studio visit during an art tour.  I was thrilled to learn she did commission work and hired her to paint a rendition of our island property.  We have several amazing Gerry Oaks and other points of interest on our property and Teresa captured each so beautifully while adding her on interpretation.  What she delivered was exceptional….” Wendy DeFreest San Juan Island (Wendy’s Yard, Wendy’s View and 2 others.)

“Your painting brings so much life to the room.  Incorporating touches from my yard make it so special, a combination of fantasy and reality.”  Lori Raab San Juan Island (Lori’s Pond)

“I am just thrilled with it. It is the focal point of the entire house! You can see it as soon as you come up the few steps from the front entrance.” Maureen and Miles Prince, Ontario Canada (Poppies)




Thank you for the complements, and allowing Teresa to share them publicly.